Our Services

Keen on detail and with an emphasis on your requirements we fulfill, every wish or demand.
Our team can provide guidance and help you to make your holidays as you dream!
Keep in mind that we are by you for you!

Private Chef Services

We provide Chef services in your villa, who will provide culinary delights both from the modern – traditional Cretan cuisine, as well as from the international cuisine.
We undertake to find the appropriate and available Chefs for your event, paying attention to your needs.

Trip Experience

We provide you, with a big variety of organized and private excursions with the aim to satisfy the requirements of all of our guests. Explore and enjoy your holidays through a boat trip, a hiking experience, a horse riding. Discover the big blue through snorkeling and diving on amazing beaches. Enjoy the warm hospitality, the traditional cuisine, and delight in the unique wine.
We will fulfill all your expectations!!


We can make your transfer simple and hassle-free, arrange your transfer which makes most long-distance moves easier. Whether you need it from the airport or from anywhere you prefer.

Car Hire

We offer you a car rental and do our best to propose you the best prices. We provide you wide range of conveniences and give you the opportunity to discover the island easily and conveniently. Furthermore, you can choose to pick up the car from the place of your preference.


We provide you with spa treatments and offer a large variety of health, relaxation, and beauty through our experienced professional partners in order to leave you feeling pampered and restful!